"Abby was a breath of fresh air the minute she walked into our home. I could immediately see the wheels spinning in her head when we told her what we were looking for. I was feeling anxious living in a 1-bedroom in NYC with a baby on the way and Abby found ways to bring new life to the apartment with a design makeover. I knew I was going to be spending more time at home once the baby arrived so it was important for me to absolutely love our living space. Without replacing the main pieces of furniture in the apartment, Abby helped us with all the details, accessories, pillows and art and most importantly helped declutter and rearrange to give our home a new facelift and allow our home to feel as spacious as possible. She also helped balance the space between our home as a couple and bringing in a new baby girl. My husband and I were thrilled with the final result – Thank you Abby!!!"

Jordana Beck

"Abby Gruman is an interior designer by nature. She is able to walk into a space, have a vision and execute it guiding her clients with her along the way. Abby was able to assist me in putting the “finishing touches” on my apartment, making my home feel complete. I am thankful for all of the hard work and effort she put into my project from day one!"

Amanda Friedman

"Abby took our empty, bare apartment and turned it into a home. She is detail-oriented, hard-working, and incredibly thorough. And, she is a perfectionist in the best way! Abby did our living room, entry way, dining area, and our daughter’s nursery. We were working with a pretty tight timeline given everything we wanted to get done before our daughter arrived, and Abby got everything ordered and set up perfectly and on time. I work from home, and with a new baby on the way, it was important to me that I had a functional, beautiful space to live in. Abby’s execution was flawless — from the big furniture pieces, all the way down to the pillows and accessories. We receive compliment after compliment anytime anyone comes over to our apartment. I can’t wait to use her again in the future."

Robyn Grosshandler

"It takes a special type of skill to be able to put together a home that is both picture perfect yet kid friendly and Abby did just that. Even white and light fabrics weren’t off limits. Our apartment started as an empty space and by the end of it she had curated a gorgeous apartment that we are proud to call home. She taught me so much along the way and provided ideas that I never realized I would love. It’s now an apartment that when we leave we are just craving to go back to."

Giselle Fraser